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A Message in a bottle ...rethink habits, refill bottles, reduce waste !

Color Codes of Participant Types                               Códigos de Colores de los Tipos de Participantes

- Refill Stations                                                                                 - Estaciones de Llenado

- Refill Stations for in-house guests                                             - Estaciones de Llenado para sus huéspedes

- Individual Participants without physical location                   - Participantes Individuales sin ubicación física

- Supporters                                                                                     - Seguidores
  Refill Stations
 Type of Business
Dive Center
Dos Ojos Cenotes Park
Dive Center
Akumal Pueblo
Dive Center
Puerto Aventuras
Dive Center
Non-Profit Association
Non-Profit Community Organization
 Dive Center
 Integrative Medicine
 Playa del Carmen
 Dive Center
 Puerto Aventuras
 Diving Operation
 Playa del Carmen

Refill Stations

As of  today there are nine water Refill Stations installed around the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, plus two supporting organizations, providing participants with easy access to free, clean, good-tasting water for their reusable water bottles. 

We are just launching this Initiative but hope that businesses from giant hotel chains to small family owned companies as well as individuals will get involved in our Initiative by becoming a Refill Station or by just refilling their bottles so we can achieve our common goal to help reduce the quantity of plastic bottle trash in this area and worldwide! 



  • In the last five years, Quintana Roo has received around 65 millions visitors which makes it one of the main tourist destinations in the world!
  • Annually, the state of Quintana Roo welcomes about 16 millions of visitors.
  • Those visitors consume an average of a bare minimum of about 88,000 disposable water bottles per day!
  • Only a few percentage of these used disposable plastic bottles are recycled!
  • Disposable water bottles consume important resources: petroleum and water.
  • To produce these bottles requires three times the volume in water, not counting the water inside each bottle.
  • Bottled water also requires energy throughout its life cycle: to capture, treat and send water to the bottling plant; to fill, package, transport and refrigerate the bottled water; and recycle or dispose of the empty containers.
  • At least a third, or more, of the used plastic bottles are ending up in our oceans, beaches, cenotes, jungles, streets and landfills where they sit for hundreds of years!

Contribute to save the world by

  • avoiding single-use plastics in general
  • avoiding polystyrene and styrofoam
  • avoiding microbeads
  • ???

Send us a message to let us know how you are planning to save the world so we can add it to our list! 


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