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Logo, Bottle & Pricing Philosophy

Bottles used by refill stations are labeled with the

Initiative's logo and the sponsor's logo and/or personalized message.

Our pricing philosophy is that our bottles are not sold but are given in exchange of a donation!

The Logo

The "A Message in a Bottle" Initiative's logo reminds us that we have to rethink our habits of using

disposable plastic water bottles and start refilling bottles instead, thereby reducing the quantities

of plastic waste imposed on our mother earth!

The Bottle

The logo of the Initiative stays the same. Sponsors put their advertisement (name of company, restaurant, hotel, beach club, cenote, school, student or guest name, etc.) on the other side.

Aluminium water bottles are available in silver and white in the sizes of 500 ml and 700 ml.

(More water bottle options will become available soon!)

Pricing Philosophy

Bottles are not sold...they are given in exchange for a donation!

The amount of donation is rated in a fair way to keep the water source sustainable, as well as to avoid competition between the refill stations and to make it affordable for as many budgets as possible.

We believe that water for drinking is a human

right and cannot be considered a product to sell...

we share water!



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