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Become part of the Initiative by refilling your bottle today!

Make an's easy!

Find Refill Station

Get Directions

Get directions to the station

you select.

Fill Your Bottle

Make your donation to receive

your refillable water bottle and to get access to unlimited FREE water at any participating Refill Station.

It's that simple!


  • USEFUL souvenir;
  • SAVE money;
  • FREE access to water;
  • FEEL GOOD about relieving our earth of trash!

Cleaner oceans, beaches, cenotes, jungles, and streets for local communities and visitors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our Initiative!

Future generations will be appreciative of your concerns for the environment!


Water Bottle

"A Message in a Bottle" refillable

water bottles are available at

Refill Stations.

Refill Station


Participating Refill Stations are easily identified!

Just look out for our Refill Station Sticker on participating shops', hotels', cafes', bars'...doors, windows, and/or refill unit.


US$10 receive a 500 ml bottle

US$12 receive a 700 ml bottle

Regardless from where you come or where you go...please spread the word about our

Initiative to your families and friends and encourage them to refill

their bottles in Mexico and anywhere in the world!

The more people refill their bottles the fewer plastic bottles will end up

in landfills, beaches, oceans, cenotes, jungle, and streets!

Only by working together can we leave a better environment behind for future generations!

Want to get involved to make a difference by becoming a Refill Station?

Signing up is free and simple! Click to find out more about how it works.

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