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 Register your business / registra tu negocio  

Get involved by becoming a Refill Station

Contribute making a positive impact on the environment by helping to solve 
the disposable plastic bottle problem 
which we encounter in this area, and
to raise awareness about protecting our ecosystems!

Signing up is simple and it's free!


Register your
Refill Station


Provide us with some information about your business by filling in a short form to showcase your business on our site. 


Decide how you will provide water


Use water fountains, gallon of water, water coolers, etc....

whatever suits your business best. 


Set up your station


Put the 

"Refill Station Sticker" on your refill station and/or on your window or door. 

You are all set! 

People can now find your business on our map!


Order your Bottles

Purchase your bottles directly from print shops or place an order through our website.



  • SHOWCASE your business;
  • BRING IN potential costumers;
  • SUSTAINABLE alternative to provide water;
  • FEEL GOOD about relieving our earth of trash!

Cleaner oceans, beaches, cenotes, jungles, and streets for local communities and visitors!


To learn more about the logo, bottle, and pricing, the refill station options, the rules, and on how

to register to become part of the Initiative check out the different sections below!